Friday, August 28, 2009

Through the dissaproving look she sported, she managed one last sentence as she strode away and back into her busy life. "That weight looks awful on you."
I awoke with a start, my body in a state of panic. THAT weight? WHAT weight?
I ran my hands over my naked torso. It was a hot and humid summer and I had taken to forgetting about the mere existance of pajamas. My body felt smooth. It wasnt any different than the previous day. I took a deep breathe, rolled onto my side, grabbed a teddy bear and rocked myself back to sleep.
These dreams had been happening every night. Well not these exact same ones. Most of them involved getting on a scale and seeing a number that was unnaceptable. These dreams used to have specific numbers in them, but the numbers had vanished and sheer feeling had replaced it.
It had been years since the worst of it. Why was I having these dreams now? And further, when would they stop?

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