Sunday, January 27, 2008

**link stolen from The Weighing Game**

This is some scary shit!
Appearently diet soda can lead to true love.
I dont know. I drink A LOT of diet coke and Diet Dr. Pepper and that has never gotten me any love.....
Now a good bottle of wine......

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I guess Ill go to Coffee Bean

Starbucks Gossip Article

As the new year rolls on and every single *insert massive amounts of curse words* company that can possibly benefit from convincing YOU the consumer that you are not good enough and infact would be of more worth if you were of less girth (thank you, thank you... Ill be hitting the comedy clubs later) has capitalized on every single media source they can get their grubby, no good, full of lies, hands on,
Starbucks has decided to jump on the bandwagon.
Now, as a shareholder of this capitalist source of caffeine, I am aware that, yes, they had a bad year, yes, they fired their CEO and yes, they need something to perk up their sales.
Introducing Starbucks new "Skinny" line of coffies....
What does this entail? Sugarfree/nonfat/no whip...
Basically a single word to define something you could already order. Not only has Starbucks decided to make people associate being Skinny with terribly watered down chemicals, but a secret source (okay, I have a couple friends who work there) has notified me that the baristas are being asked to yell "Skinny" out when announcing the drink the consumer has purchased, but they have been asked to memorize nutrition facts of all of their products, thus further taking any soul and intuition out of food and eating. I was also let on to the fact that if Baristas do not RING UP these drinks with the skinny button and simply do it another way, it will overthrow the consumer count, thus disabling the date of whether they are indeed selling :) As a company that prides themselves on being "socially responsible" I believe they need to rethink what it means to be socially responsible and what if the current social standard ISNT responsible? With posters everywhere, Starbucks is losing me. I do not WANT to be surrounded by things reminding me of the current cultural paradigm and you can count on this pissed off share holder writing a letter.

I think next time I go, my thin self will order a Big fat cup of Obesity

Monday, January 7, 2008

Letter Writing Time! Sephora and Too Faced Cosmetics

The letter i wrote:

As both a beauty lush, someone recovered from a severe life threatening eating disorder and someone who refuses to buy into the culturally infiltrated war on my body, it saddens me that Too Faced, one of my favorite brands, would actively promote something as... well... stupid... as a lip gloss with the notion that it would help one lose weight or curb cravings which, according to cultural standards would have me be a woman of high moral value. Come on guys... for a wise and witty woman;s brand, its time to live up!

As someone who has shopped at Sephora from back when I had to go on vacation to do it, I am a dedicated and eager customer. When I received your email regarding new years resolutions, however, I was quite turned off. Sephora, like almost every other culturally influenced beauty company within the devoloped world has decided to buy into the thin=beautiful and thin=moral paradigm that society spears at those of us trying to make peace with our hips and thighs. As a strong woman who is recovered from a life threatening eating disorder, I will have to think twice where I put my money and what kind of message I am funding when I buy my beauty products. I thought Sephora was about beauty. All types of beauty. Are you and your marketing department willing to reclaim this rare and yet priceless title and reputation? My dollar and I sure hope so!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

“Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.” –Naomi Wolf

Sorry Ive been away for awhile.
I had my surgery which ended up being 14 hours and I have been recovering since them. IT was the 26th. I have all the artificial stitches out, all the drains and now im just stuck in these binders doing nothing. IM n bed rest for about a month. Nights are hard and the depression from sitting/laying and not being allowed to do anything is the toughest part. Ive had some amazing support, but not enough visitors. THe emails I get are keeping me afloat and the beautiful flowers from the women of the treatment center I "associate with" (Where I went and now run the alumni network for)...

So yes... here I am!