Monday, January 7, 2008

Letter Writing Time! Sephora and Too Faced Cosmetics

The letter i wrote:

As both a beauty lush, someone recovered from a severe life threatening eating disorder and someone who refuses to buy into the culturally infiltrated war on my body, it saddens me that Too Faced, one of my favorite brands, would actively promote something as... well... stupid... as a lip gloss with the notion that it would help one lose weight or curb cravings which, according to cultural standards would have me be a woman of high moral value. Come on guys... for a wise and witty woman;s brand, its time to live up!

As someone who has shopped at Sephora from back when I had to go on vacation to do it, I am a dedicated and eager customer. When I received your email regarding new years resolutions, however, I was quite turned off. Sephora, like almost every other culturally influenced beauty company within the devoloped world has decided to buy into the thin=beautiful and thin=moral paradigm that society spears at those of us trying to make peace with our hips and thighs. As a strong woman who is recovered from a life threatening eating disorder, I will have to think twice where I put my money and what kind of message I am funding when I buy my beauty products. I thought Sephora was about beauty. All types of beauty. Are you and your marketing department willing to reclaim this rare and yet priceless title and reputation? My dollar and I sure hope so!


Arielle said...

Ridiculous! I can't believe some of the shit out there. And it saddens me too. Good for you for writing a letter. I hope you get a response...and more than that, I hope they get a lot of response to their thoughtless ads...enough of a response to make them change their ways. You never know. It's happened before.
So glad you spoke up. It's much needed.

sasa said...

i just found your blog through the weighting game on ivillage - excellent posts, you've taken the words right out of my mouth and your arguments are thoughtful and justified.