Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coffee House Confessional/ AKA what I heard while I was trying to get shit done

I have a confession. I cant work at home. I have never been able to.
Instead, I go to the coffee house of my choice (I have one for every mood) and turn into a diet coke/academia lush and powerhouse through work like a motor boat on the mississippi.

What I overhear never ceases to amaze me.
Today, sitting behind the anorexic mothers club (I say this in jest as I did suffer with a serious eating disorder and can absolutely relate to the torture of anorexia first hand)
Mom #1 (to baby) Youre so fat arent you? Youre just a fat little boy, you need to lose weight huh?
(to other mother) You know, we took him to the doctor and he said that appearently we shouldnt worry and it is normal for babies to be chubby like this.
Mom #2 Im still glad I have a skinny little girl


Man who works at said coffee house: I like the spray on salad dressing, because I know exactly how many calories are on each bite.

And with that, I get up and ask for a refill of my diet coke.


Leslie said...

First of all, I TOTALLY agree with you that it's impossible to get work done at home. I alwasy head to a coffe shop. (yesterday it was Panera, though!) Second, I think it's so sad that parents don't realize the kind of impact their words can have on their children - even babies. If those moms are using words like "fat" and "skinny" to describe their most precious little ones now, I can't imagine it'll change that much in a year or two, when the kids start soaking it in. So upsetting...

Rachael said...

I know... I mean.... blargh, i cant even say what im thinking about it. Stupidity rips me of my eloquence.