Thursday, November 1, 2007

4 things you can do in 4 minutes to make a difference!

From Hollywood to Down Under an underground "Love Your Body Mafia" has taken hold. Sticking post-it notes with messages like "Start a revolution, love your body" in bathrooms, magazines and all sorts of places, the women (of which I proudly include myself) of We Bite Back
have been biting back at all that negitive self talk. Post a post it today! You never know who will see it.
Check it out We Bite Back Post It Revolution

Is Disney joining in on the weight bashing?
According to Rachael over at The F Word
they are, and she gives you something to do about it!
Take 5 minutes today to make yourself heard!
Disney's Wall-E

Combat other's negitive food comments! Do you ever find yourself in the market next to someone reading labels? What is your response when the person your with says "I know I really shouldnt eat this, but...."
Take 3 seconds to tell them that... Gasp! "Its okay to eat what you want."
Heck, if youre really dedicated to the cause, you can even remind them that eating enough is infact good for your body and metabolism!

Fancy a weekend away? What about a massage and a new neckace? Would you like your money to go to a cause you believe in?
Check out NEDA's (National Eating Disorder Associaton) annual Love your body Auction in the next month and the proceeds will be donated to NEDA.
And if nothing strikes you.... remember, this twisted barbie is always in the mood for a good massage!
NEDA's Love Your Body Auction


Arielle said...

We used to have Love Your Body week at my old university. It was wonderful. They had massages and forums and discussions and many other things students could go to. There were Love Your Body fliers all over campus (and I attended a VERY large campus). I still have a Love Your Body door hanger on the handle of my bathroom door at home, even though it's from at least 3 years ago. It says, "Now entering a Love Your Body Zone" and other wonderful phrases.

I love the Post-It note thing. I keep doing it whenever I am in a public place. I've even taken to going to the bathroom somewhere when I don't actually need to...just to post a post-it for other women and girls to see.

I am glad we are "linked to" on each other's blogs because I am loving reading yours and getting to know you as well as sharing in your positive reinforcement attitude and advocation. :) Have a great weekend, Rachael!

Much love,

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