Friday, November 9, 2007

I spent last night with some of the most beautiful women in my life at the Artivist Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The opening night feature was a movie entitled America The Beautiful.
I will include a description below, but I want to say that if ANYONE has the chance to see this movie, PLEASE do and take all your friends/kids/family....heck, take your enemies, with you...

About "America the Beautiful":

BE THIN. BE YOUNG. BE PERFECT. BE BEAUTIFUL. Through wit, humor, and inspiration, "America the Beautiful" challenges mainstream "beauty" and asks the question: "What is real beauty?" "America the Beautiful" takes us on an inspirational and informative journey through the fashion world, the cosmetic, diet pill, pharmaceutical and plastic surgery industries. The film also addresses how these industries influence our expectations of women, and how they affect women and girls struggling with eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and depression. "America the Beautiful" ultimately reminds all of us what true "beauty" is all about!

And if you live in Los Angeles be SURE to check out the Artivist Film Festival. Now in it's fourth year, it support the arts as they relate to activism and social change.

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Arielle said...

Wish I lived in LA, but I live across the country! :)