Monday, November 24, 2008

Im being published!!!
You see that picture to your right? The one of me shoving my stiletto clad foot through a bunch of diet ads?
We Feel Fine is producing a book, and my photo is going to be included!
New Post soon!


marie said...

Congratulations! What is the book's title? And where can it be bought?

Ai Lu said...

I'm sorry for getting back to you late about naming that photo. I wasn't sure what you meant -- were you going to give yourself another pen name? -- but now that I see the post I know what was going on. That's awesome that they're going to use your image!

How about something about stupendous stomping stilettos? I'm not sure what to call it, but it is a great picture.

Tiptoe said...

Yeah, congrats on the being published! The photo is great!

Kaz said...

That is awesome!!! Woohooo!

TwistedBarbie said...

Thanks all!!

Marie - I dont know yet. I will surely let everyone know when it is out in stores!

Ai Lu - No worries! Coffee or debauchery after finals?

Tiptoe and Kaz - Thanks Lovas!