Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Somehow, perhaps because it was my world, I always assumed that therapists were all aware of eating disorders. I assumed they would know what might trigger an individual, what not to say to someone, populations that are/were more vulnerable than others.
I am not sure why I assumed this. As someone starting out in the field, I know very little about certain things. I know little about schizoaffective disorders. I do not know much about borderline or many of the personality disorders.

I go to work everyday (okay, 3 days a week... im a grad student), and always ALWAYS end up walking into a conversation pertaining to food, weight and bodies. I do NOT work in an eating disorder facility, but rather a drug treatment facility that has many cooccuring dual diagnostic disorders present at any given time. We do have a few clients with eating disorders, but from what I can tell they go misunderstood and untreated beyond the occasional can of Ensure that is handed out and then it is left to the client to carry it around or decide what to do with it.

I hear coworkers talking to other coworkers about diets and food and weight and exercise. This bothers me, but not the extent it bothers me when I hear staff talking to clients about it. "Youve gained a lot of weight since youve been here"
"Maybe you should eat less"
"Your clothes are looking really tight"
Or even TO me referring to a client "Well, you know, she was pretty when she got here, but shes gained 30 lbs or so"
It is so maddening! I generally leave the conversations between staff, or between staff and clients. I have very little play room as to what I can or cant say to other therapist's clients. I refuse to participate, unless someone is lying about a physical mechanism such as metabolic function or something of the like.
I mentioned my history to my supervisor once, I believe, but she doesnt remember.
and frankly, it isnt that it bothers me because of my history... it isnt a trigger.... its just well...
and jesus christ... dont we have anything BETTER to talk about?
Maybe that were slowely losing government funding because of the economic crisis?
Maybe that so and so is getting married?
Maybe that (fill in your own topic)?

Thank GOD, I have other things to talk about and thank GOD that no matter WHERE I end up working, I wont be a therapist who cant see past a body.


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