Saturday, December 6, 2008

I dont have all that much to say, really.
Im on that edge of health where I could say I was sick and believe it, but could also say I wasnt and believe it.
I have that psychosomatic finals cold that a lot of people get, only it wiped me out today.
I got 12 hours of sleep woke up for an hour and then took an hour nap.
I then proceeded to go to starbucks for 5 hours and write a 20 page final.
A friend had a party tonight that I was supposed to go to, but I am starting to appreciate my inner home body.
I came home, lit candles and cuddles up on the couch to watch the first snow!!!

There is something about the natural transitions and how they resonate in my body that I like to be in touch with and tap into.

Something else I noticed today is that I was not remotely interested in food. Normally, in any stage of my ED, I obsessed about food. Even when im totally healthy, I do it often. It doesnt effect what I do with food... just... my thought process.
Maybe it was because of this cold... who knows...
I still ate like a normal person.... which included a vanilla latte because it was snowing and sounded like heaven.
Part of that freaks me out... like OMG shouldnt i eat less when im sick and hardly do anything?
But whatever! Does anybody have any thoughts on that by the way?

By the way, Im kind of obsessed in a girly crush kind of way with Ms Emily of Frozen Oranges.
Shes kind of amazing.


Karin said...


I have a finals cold, too! *cough* *sniff* My final oral exam is tomorrow and I haven't studied AT ALL yet.

Re eating less/more: Even if you feel like you're just laying around all day and you feel like you should be consuming less calories/food, your body is working to fight the cold/virus infection. That's a big strain and it's like you're exercising on the inside. Your body NEEDS the energy in form of food!
That being said, I can understand your fretting; having an ED and food issues myself, I am always amazed when I'm sick and my body and mind solely concentrate on healing, not on food desires or cravings. Right now, food is mainly a tool to nourish my body and help me get rid of the cold.

TwistedBarbie said...

Hey Thanks Karin!

Anna said...

i've read a couple books on fasting that say we've got it all wrong :) the body naturally doesnt want food when you are sick so that you can detox and get all the crap out of you thats making you sick. hasnt worked for me yet, but interesting nonetheless!

feel better soon!