Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am sitting on the couch, Desperate Housewives slowely coming to a close in the background and I am attempting to peice together what I want to say.
What DO I want to say?
I dont recall all the things I felt so pushed to write about earlier this week.
Ive been having significant problems with my diatician. I KNOW it is time to switch, but I cannot let her go. There are so many amazing things about her as a person and it is with a LOT of greif and mourning that I will have to do this. I need to write her a letter as opposed to doing it on the phone. I am hoping there is a way we can still keep in touch.
I also need to call the new diatician, which I have been trying to get myself to do for weeks.
Somebody hold me to this?
Also, Im hanging out with a new group of people. They are amazing and I feel like I have been searching for them for a long time. Theyre all friends and they (mostly) live and work at the organization thayre involved with, which I am now involved with too. Its based on connected living and other precepts that I will not get in to here, but you can ask more if you like... by email or facebook...

Also, did I mention I finally had sex? It was terrible sex, actually, but being present in my naked body with someone else naked and just laying around... no covers, for the first time in my life without a body that had something more associated with it (beyond my scars) was new and beautiful.
Cheers to sex in 09!


Kaz said...

Ok....I am holding you to it. Call the new dietician!!!

Go ahead and do it already!

He he, ok...

Umm...yes, even though it might not have been the best sex in the world, cheers to your sex! :)

Love you.

Arielle Bair said...

I'm holding you to it too.

And cheers to sex in '09! I'll drink to that!

Much love.

MelissaS said...

did you call the new dietician? did you get closure with your "old" dietician? sounds like that's emotional.

being naked IS a big deal. good for you, even if it wasn't great. cheers to great sex!